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Energy Storage System
Photovoltaic Device
Active Power Filter
» Modular APF
» Wall Mount APF
Automatic Transfer Switch
Monitoring & Management System
Active Power Filter
Modular APF
Enersine Pro Modular 60A-100A
3 Level IGBT Technology for Top Performances
Space-saving High Power Density Design
Modular Design and Flexible Application
Easy Hot-scalable and Hot-swappable Power modules for Installation and Maintenance
Compensate up to 51st Harmonics Orders
Power Factor Correction for Both Leading and Lagging Power Factor
Correct Unbalance Three Phase Utility
Can Work in Closed or Open Loop
Different Current Rating Units Can Operate in Parallel
Advanced Operations Interface: 7”Color LCD Touch Screen
Display Voltage/Current Waveform, Parameter and Harmonic Spectrum
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