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Energy Storage System
» EN1 Series 3K~5K
» EN3 Series 10K~80K
» EN3 Series 600-1200K
Photovoltaic Device
Active Power Filter
Automatic Transfer Switch
Monitoring & Management System
Energy Storage System
EN1 Series 3K~5K
EN1 Series 3K~5K
Energy Self-Consumption
- Daytime: Stored energy generated by Solar Panel.
- Nighttime: Discharge stored energy for home use.
Peak Hours Shaving
- Reducing electricity consumption by using stored energy during electricity peak rate hours.
On-Grid Application
- Integration with existing On-Grid PV System.
- Use with or without PV Panel.
Ease of Use
- All-in-one Solution. (PV Inverter + Isolation DC/DC Converter + Lithium-ion Battery Pack)
- Wall Mount Installation Type High Efficiency
- Peak efficiency 97.3% Bi-directional DC-DC converter for Battery Pack.
High Reliability
- 48Vdc Battery system with isolation safety.
- Maximized Reliability through Lithium-ion cells from Samsung or Panasonic.
- Smart Metering (MET) to control and monitor battery storage and load demand.
- Cloud integration enables data access via the internet.
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