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Energy Storage System
» EN1 Series 3K~5K
» EN3 Series 10K~80K
» EN3 Series 600-1200K
Photovoltaic Device
Active Power Filter
Automatic Transfer Switch
Monitoring & Management System
Energy Storage System
EN3 Series 10K~80K
EN3 Series 10K~80K
3 Level PWM Technology
●High Efficiency, On-line Mode Efficiency 95%
●Output power factor 1
●Low Input harmonic, THDi% <3%
●Power Scalable and Parallel Redundancy
●UPS power
●Common Battery Used for Parallel Redundant System
●Compatible to mains voltage or generator power
●Hot Swappable Battery Function
●Smart battery charger design for optimized battery performance
●Advance DSP Control Technology
●Wide Input AC Voltage Range
●LCD Display
●Smart Fan Operation
●Cold start function
●Overload and short circuit protection
●Auto restart while AC is recovering
●Optional Remote Control Panel available
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